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This is the comprehensive guide to all the ongoing costs you need to know about before purchasing a home. This guide will help you prepare for and budget for all these ongoing expenses.

In the guide, I also give you some actual cost figures so that you at least have a ballpark figure on what the different items can cost.

Links and Resources

  • Top Tools and Resources for Financial Independence (for Canadians): Sign up anywhere on for a free guide on all the top tools and sites that I’ve personally used to help us achieve financial independence in our early 30s. They’re also what we use now to optimize and manage our finances, and ensure that we’re paying the lowest fees while getting solid returns on our investments.
  • Kornel's investing course with free sample lessons at
  • As mentioned in the episode, there is a fantastic guide written by Romana King from MoneySense that breaks down all the maintenance expenses that you’re likely to incur in your home. You can view the full article here: Ultimate Home Maintenance Guide. This should give you a great idea of all the different items that you should maintain, which ones to maintain yourself, and which ones to save up for (such as a roof replacement, furnace replacement, etc.).
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