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How Much Do You Need to Retire? No matter what age you are, chances are you’ve asked yourself this critical question at some point.

The stakes are high, and there are no do-overs, so how can you best prepare yourself now to ensure that you have enough to live the lifestyle you want in retirement?

Join me as I dive into the best practices and key factors to consider when figuring this out for yourself.

Is there a magic retirement number that you should aim for with your investments?

What levers can you pull to retire early, and sustain that retirement long-term?  

Whether you’re decades away from retirement or are getting close to that big day, join me to learn some of the key considerations to ensure that you have enough to retire.

Links and Resources

  • Top Tools and Resources for Financial Independence (for Canadians): Sign up anywhere on for a free guide on all the top tools and sites that I’ve personally used to help us achieve financial independence in our early 30s. They’re also what we use now to optimize and manage our finances, and ensure that we’re paying the lowest fees while getting solid returns on our investments.
  • Kornel's investing course with free sample lessons at
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