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Today we’re going to talk all about dividend investing for Canadians, including shedding some light on using dividend investing as part of your investing strategy. We’ll take a look what to look for, and of course the different types of dividend investing available to Canadians.

Now if you’re a long time listener of the show, then you know that there are quite a few investing strategies out there. Dividend investing is definitely one of the really popular ones, especially among those that like the idea of their investments spinning of passive cashflow on an ongoing basis, as opposed to you having to sell-off some of your ETFs or stocks to generate the cashflow you want.

And so today's guest is Nick McCullum from the site Sure Dividend. They specialize in dividend investing whether it’s through ETFs or individual stocks so I thought it would be great to have him on the show, so we can learn and to help us make an informed decision on whether having a dividend focus within our portfolios is something that may be a good fit for you.

Nick and his team do a ton of research on dividend investing, and specific dividend investing stocks and ETFs so if this is something of interest to you, and something that you’d like to learn more about, then you can check out the resources page that Nick actually created specifically for Build Wealth Canada listeners where you can actually do a free trial to see their research and advice, and really see if this type of investing is the right fit for you. To learn more and get a free trial to any of their newsletters, you can go to the custom page that they created for us, over at

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