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We hadn't had an entrepreneurship/small business episode for a while so I thought it would be great to have the CEO of CanSpace on the show to share some best practices on running your own site, and top mistakes to avoid.

This episode is for you if you already have, or are considering having your own online business, a blog, or even as a place to showcase your portfolio to recruiters and companies that you may want to work for.

Now I definitely consider having your own business on-the-side as one of the core pillars of personal finance. When we were first getting started, I used a small online business as a tool to help us get financially independent and pay off our mortgage quicker, because we could use the profits from that business to help pay for our vacations and discretionary spending. This way, my income from the day job could go towards investing or paying down the mortgage.

Because of how much having a side business has helped us financially, this is definitely a subject near and dear to my heart. With this episode, my hope is that it'll help you prevent some of the mistakes that I made when first getting started.

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